About Us


With a strong sense of community and an absolute commitment to music, the Orangeville Community Band embarks on a journey of teaching and performing music suitable for all ages. We draw our repertoires from current stage performances, commercial musicals, silver screen sound tracks and the big band era. Blues, jazz, Celtic, classical and pop are all on tap.

A Brief History

Originating from a small cadre of eight instrumental enthusiasts, pulled together as a seedling group by inceptive Musical Director Johannes Wervers, in 2007 (to 2014), the band has grown quickly to over forty musicians hailing from a region currently defined by Fergus, Erin, Caledon, Shelburne and of course, of special interest, Orangeville. This pleasantly surprising fifteen-year growth continues briskly with several novice and experienced musicians joining each year.

Our Sound

The band’s dedicated Musical Director, Joy Spencer, leads the band in rehearsal, in performance and in spirit and she spends considerable time searching for musical scores that will fit the band’s level of expertise. This means finding that balanced level of difficulty that will satisfy the professional players in the band as well as challenge those who have joined the band to develop their personal skills within the musical field. The result is a big band sound that is a blend of smooth, lively, energetic, rich, full, dynamic, thrilling, musical voicing from a large band. Thursday evening rehearsals in Orangeville are always targeted towards the next public presentation.


Members come for a wide variety of reasons and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have studied music at the post-secondary level and enjoy keeping their chops in shape with us, while others have learned to play an instrument later in life and enjoy the challenge of playing new music. All appreciate the sense of community, the friendships and the fun at rehearsals. All have the shared experiences of 8 to 10 concerts per year.

Beginning Band

Our beginning band is a group of people aged 9 to adult who begin to play in September. They complete 2 performances with the Community band, and spend 2 years as part of the beginning band. They develop basic skills on concert band instruments while learning to read music. For further information please see our beginning band page or complete our contact form.

Our Goals

Striving to bring good music to seniors’ homes, Royal Canadian Legions, hospitals, schools, and town festivals, as well as to the public at large, provides the members with a busy and active playing season. Band goals are several, yet rising to the top are attempts to provide an adult example for our youth in music and to provide teaching and mentorship for the support of younger players. Promoting the interests and welfare of the Town of Orangeville, as well as modeling corporate citizenship will have long term benefits for both band and town.

In Closing

Come out and experience a concert! Be a donor and receive a charitable receipt! Be a vocal supporter! Or best of all…come and join us!!